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  • September 7, 2017
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    Book Creating a book is not as hard as it was years ago, and this is a result of technological advancement and people realising that they don’t need to be picked by a publishing house. There are many online platforms that have provided a marketplace to sell books without having to give a large chunk of the sales to publishing houses. Many entrepreneurs have turned to self-publishing to promote their businesses. Writing and publishing a book can seem like a daunting process, but it has become very easy with self-publishing platforms. Self-published books are mostly in the form of e-books, but there are writers who create printed versions. Below are the five steps to help you create your own book;

    Choose an engaging topic
    It is important to choose a topic you are experienced in, or else you might end up writing a poor-quality book. Another thing to stay away from is publishing marketing material or recapping your blog posts. Avoid getting too technical or theoretical, unless speaking to a specific niche of readers. The length of the book can be as short as 100 pages or as long as 300 pages. This applies to both print and e-books. Once you write your first book, you will have an easier time working on subsequent books because you will already have known what your audience wants and correct the mistakes you may have made in the first one.

    Know the basics
    Ensure you do thorough research on the rules or publishing before you can begin. Getting an International Standard Nook Number will cost you $125. It is important to get this number because it will help you retain publishing rights. You will also have ease when switching publishing platforms. If a publisher acquires the ISBN on your behalf, you will have to stick with the same company for future editions.

    Plan your budget
    Publication costs will be the biggest expense and can range from $5 to $20 per printed book. E-books have minimal fees. It is a good idea to choose a platform that provides print-on-demand option that will let you order books you need and not have to pay for a bulk order. There is nothing worse than ordering too many copies and being forced to stick with the leftovers. You will also have to spend on graphic designing and editing.

    Develop a marketing strategy
    You need to come up with a marketing even before the book is published. Social media has become a powerful marketing tool, provided you do it right. Going in blindly and hoping everything will fall into place once the book has been published is the worst thing to do.

    Pick a publisher
    There are different sites that you can use to publish your book, with the most common being Create Space, Blurb, Book tango, and Lulu. Each of them has its own features to make it easier for you to publish your book. Choose a platform that is able to meet your requirements.

    Following these steps will help you create your own book.